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My main academic and professional pursuits are media design and web development. My latest professional project is the complete redesign and development of Heelshousing.com, a real estate website for the Chapel Hill area that locals and students can use to find and rent apartments and houses in the area. Clients can post and manage their own property listings. I developed the site on Wordpress with my co-worker Sam Collins while working at the 1893 Brand Studio in Chapel Hill. 

Here is my advanced multimedia final project from the spring semester of my junior year. This class is oriented more towards data than design, so I used a massive spotify data set tracking the top 10 songs in every country for every day of 2017. The preparation of the data for this site was half the work, i had to reduce the dataset from over 3.44 million lines to about 70,000. With the data prepared, I set out to make a simplistic but engaging webapp that displayed this data in a clear way and allowed for user interaction. To complete this project, i primarily used NodeJS, ReactJS, CSS, and Javascript.

Here is my intermediate multimedia final from the fall semester of my junior year. The project is based on the Dreamville record label and was completed using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and several APIs. I chose this project idea because I wanted to put my coding skills to use while finding a way to connect with my musical interests.


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I'm a student, visual communicator, and musician currently residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I was born in Newport, North Carolina and spent the better part of my upbringing there, before moving to Durham for my last two years of high school and ultimately attending UNC-Chapel Hill. By combining my passion for music and storytelling, I aim to capture the essence of music through visual media - the thrill of performance, the unhinged creativity of songwriting, and the profound impact it has on us all.

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As a part of my Interactive Multimedia curriculum, I've studied graphic design and UI/UX design. My latest UI/UX Project is a mockup of an app named GrocerEasy. The images below are some design frames from the project. Here is a download link to a PDF of the full project submission, including a style guide, user persona, wireframes, design frames, and more. Here is a link to an interactive demo of the app created in Adobe XD which shows how the app would hypothetically function on a smartphone.
Here is a download link to my Summer 2018 Graphic Design portfolio - best viewed in Adobe Acrobat with Page Display set to two page view with "show cover page in two page view" selected.