Photo of me

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music” ~Aldous Huxley

I’m a student, visual communicator, and musician currently residing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I was born in Newport, North Carolina and spent the better part of my upbringing there, before moving to Durham for my last two years of high school and ultimately attending UNC-Chapel Hill. By combining my passion for music and storytelling, I aim to capture the essence of music through visual media – the thrill of performance, the unhinged creativity of songwriting, and the profound impact it has on us all.

Currently I am working on a photo story documenting JULIA., a local rock band, as they go through the process of writing, recording, promoting, and performing new material for their upcoming EP release. The photo story aims to capture moments of musical intimacy between the musicians as they write, practice, and perform; while also providing insight into the difficult realities that result from being in a band.

After I graduate, I aim to combine my passion for music with my visual communications skills in the professional world. I want to become a functioning part of the music industry, whether I’d be writing for a magazine like Rolling Stone, designing graphics for music festivals, or documenting the lives of the people who keep the industry alive. Throughout my time at Chapel Hill, I’ve generated a portfolio of music-related projects both in my free time and for my classes, and I plan to continue doing this to hone my talents and portray the beauty of music.

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