Graphic Design / Art

.strandberg* Infographic

My infographics final project gave me a little more freedom than others. The only real prompt was an extremely strong, realistic vector illustration. I decided to tackle my 12-year guitar playing hobby and fascination with progressive music by doing a piece dedicated to one of the most unique, forward-thinking guitar manufacturers out there: .strandberg*. 

Planet B

This was a collaborative project from my infographics class in which we wanted to create a magazine-style set of infographics to educate readers on climate change. As an assistant art director, I was responsible for developing the style guide and editing the final spreads, in addition to creating my own. 

The Anatomy Of A Gaming Computer

For this project, we were prompted to focus more on alternative storytelling: diagrams, step-by-step instructions, etc. This time I took inspiration from my experience in high school building my own desktop computer, while focusing on an isometric style.

2019: Year Of The Dreamers

I’ve been taking an infographics class this semester, and our most recent project was designing an infographic with some focus on entertainment from movies to music. With the open-ended nature, I decided to make an infographic about Dreamville Records, a North Carolina based record label who had a huge year in 2019. I designed the infographic in Adobe Illustrator and based the aesthetics on promotional materials used for the Dreamville Festival in 2019.

Envision Carolina

During my senior year, I was elected to lead the Envision Carolina campaign for my New Media Technologies class. In addition to my leadership responsibilities, I handled approximately 50% of the project’s graphic design.


As a part of a UI/UX Design course, we were tasked with designing an app to make grocery shopping easier. I went through an in-depth process, creating a style guide, wireframes, and an interactive prototype on Adobe XD.

Music Reviews (The Breakdown)

I began a series of weekly music reviews in September of 2019. Every week I’ll listen to as many new albums as I can and review them, creating graphics for each review which I post to my instagram profile. I also supplement these on my blog.

Web Development


As part of a temporary job with ClubWAKA, a sports and social club, I was responsible for fully designing and partially developing the website for their yearly festival, Wakapalooza. The catch? We only had a week to do it.

Kyrsten Le Photo

Towards the start of the summer, a friend of mine reached out and said they knew someone looking for a simple portfolio site. Using Squarespace, I quickly and effectively designed a site for them that looks great and is easy for them to use.

1893 Brand Studio

My final project in my time at the 1893 Brand Studio was a complete redesign of the studio’s website, which hadn’t had a significant update in 3 years. I significantly streamlined the structure of the site, while targeting a more current aesthetic.

The Branding Of Me

The Branding Of Me is a class taught at the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC-Chapel Hill that aims to teach students branding tools and networking strategies to help them stand out to employers and effectively market themselves.

Heels Housing

Heels Housing is a website I co-developed at the 1893 Branding Studio. The site allows students and other Chapel Hill residents to find affordable housing in the area, in addition to allowing property owners to advertise their listings.

Spotify Around The World

Spotify Around The World was one of my final web development class projects. I used Node.js and React to comb through over 3.4 million lines of spotify data, and present an interactive and well-organized summary of that data.